Help us find and tell the stories of Forest Farmers.

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Are you currently farming the woods, or know someone who is?

As part of our research while writing our book Farming the Woods, we 
have developed a survey so we can collect information about forest 
farmers in the temperate climate. Our is to collect and tell the stories 
of forest famers our our website and in our book, all while building a 
network and supporting conversations so we can all better practice this 
agroforestry strategy.

The survey can be found at:

The following is an example of the case studies we want to document. Ken 
visited several forest farming sites during his 2012 sabbatical. It 
inspired us to visit and research more, but we need your help to do so. 
Visit and make a donation to support 
our work!

CASE STUDY: Salamander Springs Gardens, Marshall, NC

Rodney and Heather have homesteaded their 75 acre farm in the Blue Ridge 
Mountains of western North Carolina for twenty years. We meet Rodney at 
the bottom of a steep, rocky driveway that our 2WD car is not at all 
suited to climb. Rodney is about six foot six, and has a full bushy 
beard on its way from brown to gray. He was born in Fairbanks, AK.

The son of an Army Airborne Ranger turned Chaplain, he moved regularly 
in life until finally settling in the mountains of Western North 
Carolina in 1992. "Narrowly avoiding a college degree", he turned to 
environmental activism, bioregionalism and permaculture which has 
gradually led him to become a gentleman farmer. Their lifestyle is low 
impact while supplying as much of their own food as possible. Their 
expressed goal is to "restore and maintain rare forest components with 
an emphasis on maximizing biodiversity".


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