Sub/Urban Food Forest Workshop for DIYers - 4/21/13, 9-1, Rochester

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Thu Mar 21 11:56:40 EDT 2013

If you like to do things for yourself, this is the food forest workshop for
you.  We'll cover the basics and get our hands dirty.  Then you can go home
and plant your own food forest - big or small.

Edible Forest Gardening In A Nutshell: An Introduction
Sunday, April 21, 2013 9am - 1 pm $40-60 sliding scale
Edible Forest Gardening (EFG) is an effective way to design home scale
gardens in our climate that mimic forest ecosystem structure and function,
but grow food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizer, "farmaceuticals," and fun
while we consciously apply the principles of ecology and permaculture. Join
us for a hands-on skill-building experience in edible forest gardening.
Learn to transform traditional lawn landscapes into abundant food-producing
perennial forest gardens. Participants will learn the skills needed to get
started at their own home or expand the abilities of a gardening business.
We will get our hands dirty while we install and establish a new forest
garden. Have you wanted to:

*                     learn about Permaculture and/or Edible Forest

*                     learn how to grow more food in less space with less
weeding and watering?

*                     learn how to use organic gardening methods to produce
healthier food for your family?

*                     learn how to build healthy soil?

*                     learn how to incorporate healthy nuts, fruits, and
perennial vegetables into your garden space?

More information and registration info at:



patty love, MALS, PDC

Barefoot Edible Landscape & Permaculture - owner

patty at <> 

Rochester Permaculture Center - Program Director

PO Box 18212, Rochester, NY 14618


Please note:  I live a very full life, spending most of my time away from my
computer and outdoors working or with my family and friends.  There may be
times when I don't respond right away to your important email.  If you
require my immediate attention, please call 585.506.6505. 


"My life's purpose is gathering and sharing resources and information that
regenerate my own and others' abundant existence and vibrant well-being." ~
patty love

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought."  ~ Albert Szent-Giorgi, Nobel Laureate


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