Edible Park Design Session March 27 6:30-8:30

Joshua Dolan sapsquatch7 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 12:12:19 EDT 2013

Conley Park (between the Sciencenter and Neighborhood Pride grocery) will
be planted with edible landscape plants this spring. This will be the first
of two design sessions for people who want to get involved in this
project.  We'll look at the current planting areas in the park, discuss the
needs and uses by neighboring families and organizations, come up with a
general plan for locations of new plantings, and learn about the
lesser-known edible trees, shrubs and perennials that can be grown in
downtown Ithaca.

Design Session 2 will be held in April and will go continue with
information on permaculture principles, planting in 'guilds' and finally
getting down to the nitty-gritty of designing the individual edible gardens
within the park. Planting sessions will take place in May and June.


For more info, contact Josh Dolan at sapsquatch7 at gmail.com
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