3/13: FREE screening of "The Garden" at Mann Library

Sandra J. Repp sjr37 at cornell.edu
Wed Mar 13 13:47:07 EDT 2013

"The Garden" documentary film screening - FREE!
Wednesday, March 13, 5:30pm
at 160 Mann Library, Cornell University campus

'The Garden' is a thought-provoking 2008 American documentary film directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy. It tells the story of the now demolished South Central Farm; a community garden and urban farm located in Los Angeles, California. The Garden details the plight of the farmers who organized and worked on the farm. The owner of the lot decided he didn't want to allow the farmers to use it anymore, and had the garden bulldozed. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature on 22 January 2009.

This is the first film in the "Foundations of Food in the Community" movie series, brought to you by the New World Agriculture & Ecology Group (NWAEG) and Food Agriculture & Nutrition Group (FANG). This event is sponsored, in part, by GPSAFC and is FREE and open to the public.

Please help spread the word!

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