Seeking "illegal" chickens and the people who keep them! A project about legalizing backyard chickens in Ithaca

Kelly Dietz kdietz at
Mon Mar 11 16:26:37 EDT 2013


Do you or does someone you know keep chickens in town despite local ordinances? Are you involved in the effort to change local laws to allow backyard chickens? Are you against the effort? I hope you'll consider helping one of my students, Rob Flaherty, with his interesting project on the politics of raising chickens in the city.  

Please forward this request to relevant local lists.

Thank you!

Kelly Dietz
Politics Dept.
Ithaca College

**Seeking "illegal" chickens and the people who keep them** 

Hi there!

I'm doing a documentary on backyard chicken keeping in the City of Ithaca for my senior thesis at Ithaca College. We're focusing a bit on the story of the legalization "process," but also on what the experience is of keeping chickens "under the cover of darkness". We're trying to find folks who are "illegal chicken keepers" and interview them on camera and get some footage of their chickens as well. We're speaking to a few people in Fall Creek, but we need more! We understand not wanting to out yourself, so we're willing to blur out faces, etc. If you're interested in being highlighted and making the case for sustainable urban chickening, please email me (Rob) at RobertRFlaherty at


Rob Flaherty
Ithaca College Class of 2013
B.S., Television- Radio (Video Production)
B.A., Politics

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