LAST DAY: Plastic Pots, Canning Jars and POTATOES at CCE-Tompkins

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Tue Jun 25 15:12:26 EDT 2013

Plastic Plant Pot AND Canning Jar Swap
Thursday, June 20-Tuesday, June 25, 12:00-7:00pm
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca NY

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY of the plastic pot and canning jar swap and we've got a BUNCH of pots here for the TAKING!  If you're planning a garden for next year, NOW'S THE TIME to come down to CCE and grab a few stacks to use for seed starting, sharing plants from the yard with friends, or whatever!  We've got lots of various-sized trays and cell packs, stacks of small to large pots, and we just received a PICKUP TRUCK LOAD of black plastic nursery pots (9.5" appx. 2 gallon size).  There's no point in buying them new when you can get perfectly good used pots for FREE!  This morning, a local nursery owner loaded up his truck with pots of all sizes and told us he hasn't bought a pot since he started his business several years ago - they've all come from our annual Pot Swap!  Come on down and TAKE AWAY as many pots as you can use, too! Pots are located in a designated area off the CCE-Tompkins main parking lot on Willow Avenue.  Plastic that is left after the event will be taken to a recycler for processing.

CANNING JARS have come and gone pretty quickly; right now (3:10pm) there are six 1-QT. jars in the Greenhouse, and a box of rings (mixed sizes). Sorry, I can't run out and check for you!

After June 25th, no more pots or jars will be accepted at Cooperative Extension. County residents can however, take these items to the Tompkins County Recycling/Solid Waste Center.  For more information, call Cooperative Extension at 607-272-2292 or visit .

POTATOES - somehow (2) more 50lb. bags of certified seed potatoes have turned up - Red Pontiac and Katahdins.  They are now in a wheelbarrow next to the pot swap.  Come and take as many as you can plant right away- they are all sprouting nicely!

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