Learn to grow Shiitake mushrooms... (Schuyler County, NY)

Michael G. Burns michael at fingerlakespermaculture.org
Sat Jun 8 10:51:39 EDT 2013

...and help local growers.

Spring is an especially intense time for agriculture, including  
agroforestry production like mushrooms. Finger Lakes Permaculture  
Institute instructors Steve Gabriel and Michael Burns are  
exceptionally busy sowing and tending animals, plants, trees, and  
infrastructure at their respective permaculture projects.

Your help is sought to get a large harvest of logs inoculated with  
shiitake in exchange for experience with inoculation skills and a  
couple take-home logs.

June 15 @ Deer Run Lane with Steve Gabriel (12 pm to 5 pm)
June 9, 29 & 30 @ Cayuta Sun with Michael Burns (12 pm to 5 pm)
More details about the workshops, registration, and Michael and  
Steve's work at http://fingerlakespermaculture.org/?p=2212

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