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Mon Dec 16 11:24:54 EST 2013

    Hey, Folks.  One way that I have been inspired to make permaculture
accessible to folks of all socioeconomic statuses and ethnic backgrounds is
through the Lots of Food project.  Please consider supporting this project.
We're teaching people, feeding them fresh food in the middle of food
deserts, and learning lessons that I believe we will be able to share with
other permaculture activists.

    Now for the generic message part...

    Since spring 2013, I have been the program director of a new project,
    of Food, a program of Seeking Common Ground.  Lots of Food (LOF)
    ( <> ) is planting public
    forests all around Rochester - planting free food right where there are
    hungry people who need it.  We have been working on 12 gardens so far.
    the coming decades, these food forests will provide garden neighbors
    nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and medicinal and edible herbs and
    We're very excited to see that our work is already having a positive
    in the neighborhoods as both adults and children come out to work in the
    gardens, learn about the plants, and ask questions.  At the Montgomery
    Neighborhood Center, the community interest has been so strong that one
    our team members is co-leading a Winter Children's Program one night a
    after school.  We have done all of this with almost no funding.  
    I am excited to continue this work into 2014 and beyond.  This project
    truly life giving work for me!  Fundraising will mean that we can spend
    time in the gardens working with folks and less time scrounging for
    resources.  I hope that you will consider giving what you can to support
    fundraising efforts.  And, yes!, please share this email with anyone you
    Kickstarter Campaign - $2500 all or nothing effort that ends 1/8/13.  If
    raised $2500 or more here, we receive the funding; even a dollar less
    we get $0.  This campaign is focused on raising funds to support the
    Montgomery Neighborhood Center.  As you'll see if you watch the video,
    are making a difference already.  Here's our project URL:
    patty love, MALS, PDC    
    Lots of Food Program Director    
    (a program of Seeking Common Ground, Inc.)
    PO Box 18212, Rochester, NY 14618

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