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This sounds fantastic for anyone interested in the intersection of  
spirit and Earth!

>> From: Karme Choling <communications at karmecholing.org>
>> Subject: 2014 Garden Apprenticeship Program
>> Date: December 5, 2013 at 6:41:31 PM EST
>> Reply-To: Karme Choling <communications at karmecholing.org>
>> 2014 Garden Apprenticeship Program
>> Mid-April - Mid-October 2014
>> We are pleased to announce the 2014 Garden Apprenticeship Program  
>> led by Master Gardener, Jan Enthoven.  Entering it's second year,  
>> this is a unique 6-month residential program in which participants  
>> gain both theoretical and practical hands-on training in organic  
>> gardening principles while participating in mindfulness-awareness  
>> based meditation practices.  This is a wonderful opportunity for an  
>> aspiring gardner to learn to manage an organic farm within the  
>> context of a contemplative community.
>> The program will follow the rhythm of the season in terms of  
>> introducing topics and subject material as they arise, from seed  
>> sowing and propagation in the early spring to weed management and  
>> harvest in the summer to composting and preservation in the fall.  
>> Learning will occur both in the garden as well as in the  
>> ‘classroom’. The general direction of the teaching is towards  
>> independence, so that apprentices will be essentially running  
>> things by the time autumn comes around.
>> The deadline for applying is February 15, 2014.  For more details,  
>> please see our website.
>> Last years program was a great success.  So much so that Gary Vu,  
>> 2013 Garden Apprentice, will be returning as an Assistant Gardner  
>> for the 2014 growing season.  Here's what he had to say about the  
>> program.
>> Being a garden apprentice at Karme Choling was the best 6 months I  
>> have ever given myself.  For me, tending the garden was a great way  
>> to cultivate patience and exertion. It taught me the value of  
>> applying my practice while working.  When I slow down I begin to  
>> see the activity and communication that naturally happens in the  
>> world, and then it becomes a rich learning experience.  One of the  
>> most satisfying things is having a close connection with food,  
>> whether seeing our fresh vegetables served in the Karme Choling  
>> kitchen, or having a CSA member tell me personally how much they  
>> enjoyed our harvest.
>> Working and learning with Master Gardener, Jan, was truly a  
>> privilege.  As a teacher, meditation instructor, and a friend, he  
>> continually inspired and engaged me by skillfully weaving together  
>> gardening, dharma, poetry, and personal experience.  His wisdom and  
>> gentleness really made the whole experience seamless and utterly  
>> delightful.
>> I also got to experience the beauty and magic of the Shambhala  
>> world.  I am so grateful for the teachers, the teachings, and the  
>> community at Karme Choling for they continue to expand my heart and  
>> show me that a society based on kindness, bravery, and play is  
>> possible.
>> For anyone interested in learning about organic gardening and the  
>> Shambhala community, I highly recommend taking the leap.  It is  
>> truly a rich and unique experience of exploring how an enlightened  
>> society would look like, grounded in practice, work, and play.
>> Karmê Chöling · 369 Patneaude Lane · Barnet, Vermont 05821 · (802)  
>> 633-2384
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