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Are all the places filled for this class?


ps - Thank you for opening your house for the green buildings tour.
After missing two permaculture open houses I finally got to that one.
That's an amazing fridge you've got in your kitchen!!

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 2:37 PM, Steve Austin
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> Introduction to Aquaponics
> The technique, known as "aquaponics," integrates fish farming (aquaculture)
> and hydroponics agriculture within a closed, symbiotic loop—the fish waste
> provides the fertilizer where as the plants act as water purifiers. The idea
> is to maximize food production while curtailing environmentally harmful and
> potentially polluting outputs—a sustainable way to provide a continuous
> supply of healthy, fresh food.
> In this class we’ll go over basics of how to build your own Aquaponic system
> from a 10 gallon Aquarium to a 1000 gallon raceway.  I have a 100 gallon
> working system in my back yard greenhouse as an example of how you can
> quickly build your own system.  We will also look at slides of some systems
> that I have visited over the years.  There will be plenty of time for
> discussion and perhaps some help with your own design ideas.  All levels
> welcome.  Class size is limited and there are only a few spots left.
>  Please RSVP  via e-mail for the location.
> Who: Steve Austin,  steve_austin at
> Where:  Next to Collegetown, Ithaca, NY  RSVP for directions and to reserve
> a spot
> When:  Oct. 30th 2011 Sunday 1-4pm
> Cost: Free
> An Ithaca Free Skool Class
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"These are the same tenets used in pioneer days—south-facing windows
in chicken coops to increase sunlight, reusing everything like
Mennonites do. We got lazy over the past century."  - Stacy Barnes of
Greensburg Kansas

I love that -- "We got lazy over the past century."

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