Just a week left to the Food Justice Summit!

Michael Burns michael at fingerlakespermaculture.org
Sat Oct 15 13:29:31 EDT 2011

From: Trina Baxter <kirtrina at gmail.com>

Oct 22nd GSCP will host Ithaca's first Food Justice Summit to mobilize  
locally for food sovereignty and raise funds to support food justice  
projects, specifically Ithaca Community Harvest and the work of  
GreenStar to create a system of regional food sustainability that  
promotes health, equity, and community control of essential resources.

It's not too late to join a team, or to register as an individual  
walker or form a new team!

If you haven't visited lately, take a moment to check out our website.  
You'll notice lots of exciting additions, like the beautiful pictures  
and summary of the projects GSCP is involved with! http://greenstarcommunityprojects.org/FJS/ 
   This includes the Youth Farm Project and BJM Fresh Fruit and  
Vegetable Snack Program!!
And the route! (http://greenstarcommunityprojects.org/FJS/WalkerResources.html 

And organic, eco-friendly shirts (short and long sleeve) are now  
available for sale! (http://greenstarcommunityprojects.org/FJS/BuyAShirt.html 

Excitement within the community is growing to walk the route downtown  
to visit significant food justice attractions and end at a community  
celebration. We appreciate all of your support and positive energy.

We've got 7 days left to rally and reach our goals. Extra brownie  
points if you:

1. Register 10 people yet who each raise $150 in pledges

2. Table at GreenStar (sit, skip, trot around the foyer at the co-op  
to raise awareness about the event)

3. Sign up 5 volunteers to pitch-in on the day

4. Donate a product or service for the raffle/silent auction

5. Find a local business/organization with $100-$1,500 burning a hole  
in their budget and willing to sponsor the event

If anybody is involved with an education / activist / service  
organization or group and would like to table or provide an  
interactive activity you are encouraged to complete this brief online  
Registration Form or email info at greenstarcommunityprojects.org or call  

Tips to raise pledge funds quickly:

Day 1: Begin by putting in your own contribution of $10
Day 2: Ask two members of your family to sponsor you for $20 each

Day 3: Ask your employer to contribute $30 and ask about matching  
funds for employee contributions to your campaign

Day 4: Ask five friends to contribute $10 each

Day 5: Ask three co-workers to sponsor you for $10 each

Day 6: Ask four neighbors to contribute $10 each

Day 7: Marvel at how easily you just raised $200!

If you are a vendor with a product you're proud of and want to sell it  
at the event please let me know. If you would like to volunteer please  
email volunteer at greenstarcommunityprojects.org

Kirtrina Baxter & Liz Karabanakis
GreenStar Community Projects

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