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In light of the decision on Tire Gardens a couple of Perrmaculture
Convergences ago (I believe it was in Maine), and in light of things like
acid rain and other Biochemical factors, I am of the belief that the use of
tires for homes, foundations, gardening, and water projects is unethical in
Permaculture.  Tires are nothing more than solid toxic waste, full of VOCs
and metals, and do break down, especially in wetter parts of the
country/world.   Many people want to have edibles growing by their
foundations without poisoning their kids, or anyone else, for that matter.
Tires belong going back to their producers for recycling.  Those companies
have gotten away with not doing just that for long enough.   There are other
ways to go about building an earth home that are healthier.

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> Freeville, New York Earthship Learning Opportunity. August 13-31, 2012
> Join the Earthship Team in Freeville, New York and learn how to build an
> Earthship.
> August 13-31, 2012. The crew will be working on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom
> Global Model Earthship. Tire work will be completed by the client before the
> arrival of the Earthship Team.
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> If you want to combine skilled labor with innovation and “going green” you
> might want to check out this school: its the Earthship Biotecture Academy.
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