Frolic Farm seeks volunteers, collaborators, and partners

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From: Harmony Hazard

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Frolic Farm is a new community farm and center for education, healing and
wellness, multimedia arts, and environmental and social change. We are located
in Callicoon, New York, about 3 hours from the city.

This is our first year and we are planning to put our fingers in many
different jars.  We will be growing a diversity of annual and perennial
vegetables and medicinal herbs, possibly for market, possibly for a small CSA.
We are inspired by free school models and will be offering popular education
internships and classes. We will be doing local activist work against
hydraulic fracturing and jails and hope to do a listening project to hear and
document local stories. We will also be playing around with many permaculture
tools, including building with cob, growing mushrooms, and using greywater. We
will be making many things (bread, tinctures, pickles), learning things
(screenprinting, greenhouse-building, how to throw dance parties in fields),
and enjoying living in close community.

If you are looking for an established farm, this is not the place. But if you
are looking for an immersion in collective living and organizing, where you
have a chance for real participation and voice, then we would love to work
with you. We believe we can empower ourselves and each other to learn and
figure things out together.

Our priority is for those who can stay at least a month and perhaps the whole
season, if it fits, and also for those with some skills, but we are open to
all forms of participation. We are looking for people to come between mid
April and
October. We are still figuring out housing, and will ask for some rent/food
money, but are open to working things out. There is some space indoors and
ample space for tents.

Get in touch:
frolicfarm at

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