Spring Field Ornithology begins in one week!

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Mon Mar 14 16:05:11 EDT 2011

Looking for a great way to learn your local birds?   Have you seen the
pre-dawn flight of the woodcock? Want to know where you can see a nest of
Great Horned owls chicks right here in Ithaca? Ever held a warbler that flew
from Mexico in your hand?  Want to know what to plant to attract birds to
your garden? Spring Field Ornithology, a popular 8-week course offered by
the Cornell Lab of Ornithology begins next week!

The class consists of Wednesday night lectures, weekend field trips on
Saturdays or Sundays to birding hotspots in central NY, and two optional
overnight trips.  The lecture section also includes two visits to the bird
collections of the Cornell Museum of Vertebrates and a night 'owl prowl.'.
Instruction is by Steve Kress, Vice President for Bird Conservation for
National Audubon, staff at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and local birding
experts. The field trips are organized into beginning, intermediate and
advanced levels so the course is suitable for complete novices to
experienced birders. There is a sense of community that builds throughout
the course, and many people enjoy the trips so much they return to take them
year after year with their friends. Students may take the course for credit
by making arrangements for an independent study with their advisor.

The course begins Wednesday, March 23 and runs through May 15th.  If you
think you might be interested, you can watch a video about the course, look
at photos, review the course schedule and enroll at* **
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/sfo* <http://www.birds.cornell.edu/sfo>*.*  You
can see photos posted by last year's students at http://sfocornell.ning.com/

If you have questions, contact me at
*sfoclass at cornell.edu*<sfoclass at cornell.edu> or
call ** <607-254-2466>*607-254-2466*.

Happy birding!

Erica Van Etten
607-279-6402 (cell)
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