Volunteers Needed Monday & Tuesday evenings for Gardens4Humanity - please consider helping

Liz Falk erf59 at cornell.edu
Sun Mar 13 21:34:51 EDT 2011

Good evening all,

Gardens4Humanity(G4H) is in need of one or two people to help with
childcare on Monday evening (5:45)/6-8:30 and/or Tuesday evening
6:30-8:30.  Monday is the first night of our garden educator's
training and Tuesday is the Food Security Dialogue.  Both events are
downtown area.  We may have a small amount of money to be able to pay
somebody for their time if you are not able to volunteer.  Please
consider helping if you can.
Childcare makes our events more accessible to people so they can bring
their children and not have to get a sitter, and we have tried many
outlets to get somebody for these two nights- but with no luck.

Thank you for considering it.  If you or somebody you know can help,
contact Liz erf59 at cornell.edu or 793 3383.
Please share widely,


more about G4H: ccetompkins.org/g4h

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