Permaculture Design Certification course 7/22 - 8/7, 2011 Finger Lakes NY

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Thu Mar 3 14:56:14 EST 2011

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute

presents our

Permaculture Design Certification course

July 22 through August 7, 2011

This is our ninth, internationally recognized certification course. We train
people of all backgrounds to mimic natural patterns and principles in their
yards, on their land, and in their homes and businesses.

This year’s teaching staff includes Michael Burns, Steve Gabriel, Karryn
Olson-Ramanujan, and Rafter Sass, plus guest presenters from the local
permaculture community.

The course equips students with a whole systems approach to utilize the
principles, techniques, and challenges of permaculture as a system of
sustainable design. Our off-grid learning community explores a wide range of
topics. Some land-based examples are soil regeneration, water conservation,
building ponds and swales, managing woodlots, building natural and efficient
homes, utilizing renewable energy, and designing gardens.  In addition, we
will examine social and economic paradigms, alternatives, and skills for
building just and regenerative communities.

We teach through presentations, case studies, hands-on experiential learning,
design exercises and the student design practicum. We follow the traditional
permaculture curriculum with an emphasis on strategies for the cool temperate
climate found in North America's northeastern regions. Instruction is
augmented by presentations from local experts, field trips, and fun.

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