Land and cabin looking for a new steward!

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Wed Jul 6 11:15:21 EDT 2011

Unique situation, 10-acre forested inholding in the Finger Lakes National Forest with a lovely rustic cabin. Located on a dead-end abandoned road deep in the forest. No neighbors for miles, but no municipal services either—nearest plowed road is about 2 miles away. Not suitable for farming—this is an ideal place for personal or group retreats, a place to connect with and listen to the planet.
Cabin is well-insulated, has small solar electric system which currently powers DC refrigerator and low-level LED lights. Good natural lighting, cool in summer. Nice woodstove and attached woodshed. Front porch overlooks small pond. Please see attached photo.
Domestic water source not yet developed, although pond water could be used with the existing slow sand filter ( ) and rainwater collection is viable. Possibilities exist for gravity feed spring or a well. Humanure composting outhouse system. 
Although the land can be easily accessed by snowmobile in winter, I’ve been living here spring through fall for the past six years and in winter either simply housesit locally or go have adventures elsewhere. In wetter weather, four-wheel drive is highly recommended for the last ¼-mile which is a very rough road, but there’s a good-sized parking area just before that last stretch.
Please, serious inquiries only: 607-279-7187. Thank you!—Susan Wiener
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