[EVENT] Edible Forest Garden Design Course with Dave Jacke & Friends!

Kim Walsh ~ Wild Meadows Farm kim at wildmeadowsfarm.com
Fri Jan 21 15:52:28 EST 2011

*Edible Ecosystems Emerging:*

*Food Forestry for the 21st Century*

*Join us for a nine-day forest garden design intensive with Dave Jacke and

*DATES:* April 15-24, 2011

*LOCATION: *Wild Meadows Farm <http://wildmeadowsfarm.com/> ~ 456 Smith Road
~ Schellsburg, PA  15559

*COST: *Sliding scale fee of $850-$1100 includes course instruction and
materials, wholesome vegan/vegetarian meals. Lodging is not included and
scholarships are available.

*CONTACT:* Kim Walsh via e-mail info at wildmeadowsfarm.com or call

*REGISTRATION:* Limited to 25 Students ~ Go to http://wildmeadowsfarm.com/

* *

Forest ecosystems exhibit many beneficial properties we humans would be wise
to emulate in our culture, agriculture and horticulture: they maintain,
renew, fertilize and propagate themselves without human inputs; they build,
store, and conserve clean air, clean water, nutrients, soil quality, and
biodiversity; and they exhibit stability, resilience, and adaptability.
These qualities emerge from the dynamics of the forest as a whole system,
not from any one or more of the elements that comprise the forest alone.  To
design productive edible ecosystems that express these same qualities, we
must understand forest structures, functions, patterns, and processes and
use this knowledge wisely.

In this nine-day intensive course, you will dive deeply into the vision,
theory, and practice of designing wholesome, dynamic, and resilient edible
ecosystems using temperate deciduous forests as models.  Dave Jacke and his
Pennsylvania-based teaching team will offer lectures, site walks, and
experiential exercises to help you understand how the architecture, social
structure, underground economics, and successional processes of natural
forests apply in the design of edible ecosystems of all kinds.  You'll learn
a variety of ecological design processes while designing a range of
food-producing ecologies at our host farm.  We'll also engage with issues of
garden management, economics, and the deep paradigmatic shifts required to
succeed at cocreating “humanatural” landscapes and cultures.  You will leave
inspired and empowered to design food forests at home for yourself, and your
friends, neighbors and clients.

* *

A collaboration of CHEARS <http://www.chears.org/>, Dynamics Ecological
Design <http://www.edibleforestgardens.com/>, Pittsburgh
and Wild Meadows Farm <http://wildmeadowsfarm.com/>

Kimberly L. Walsh, Education Coordinator
Wild Meadows Farm
PO Box 77
Schellsburg, PA 15559
Certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic

kim at wildmeadowsfarm.com
Farm ~ 814-839-4962
Mobile ~ 612-804-6230
Skype ~ kimberlywalshtyj
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