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TCLocal kicks off its sixth year of existence and its fourth year
of publication with the latest in a series of articles by Bethany
Schroeder on local health care in an era of energy descent.  In
this month's article, Bethany looks at the relationship between
health and food security, with particular attention to local
challenges and resources.  The article can be found at


Bethany Schroeder is a founding member of TCLocal and currently
serves as Executive Director of the Ithaca Health Alliance and the
Ithaca Free Clinic.  In 2010, she shared the Cornell Civic
Fellowship with Jemila Sequeira, and together they facilitated two
community dialogues on Health and Food Security that helped inform
this article.

Previous articles in this series include:

    Health Care in an Energy-Constrained Environment, Part 1:
       A Local Health Resource Assessment

    Health Care in an Energy-Constrained Environment, Part 2:
       Options for Re-evaluating Care Resources

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Each month (approximately) TCLocal brings you another in our
series of articles addressing various aspects of energy descent in
Tompkins County.  Contributors to TCLocal are members of the
community committed to helping prepare for a future with less
available energy. Articles that have appeared so far at
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