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Hey Everyone,

We have an update in the Albany Chickens campaign.  Save the date for

1/11/11 at 5:30 pm (This Tuesday)!!!

We need a good turnout.  This is our last opportunity for public  

We are also actively seeking speakers from uptown Albany as well as  
anyone who has expertise in real estate assessment who can speak in  
favor of chickens and those with some sort of medical expertise who  
can testify on issues of disease.

Alternatively we are looking for people with experience in any related  
field who would be interested in testifying and presenting papers from  
groups like the CDC etc.

Call me with any questions (518) 423-2963.

This is from Dominick Colsalaro:


On Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011 at 5:30pm, the Common Council's Law  
Committee will meet to discuss Ord. No. 98.121.10 - Keeping of hens.   
We will need a good turn out of supporters at this meeting.   
Documentation as to the advantages of keeping hens will be helpful.   
Also, Council members Herring and O'Brien are going to attack the  
proposal on health issues (chickens are dirty, disease carriers,  
etc).  So, whatever information you have to contradict this position  
will be needed.

So, crank up the hen supporters for next Tuesday.  The broader the  
city base of support is (different parts of the city) the better  
chance we will have to get it passed.


ps: I think the make-up of the Law Committee will prevent us from  
getting a "positive recommendation" from the committee, but, once the  
committee is done with the legislation, even it's a negative  
recommendation, I can bring it to the floor for a vote.



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