Expert to speak on Food Justice and Sustainability, 5/27 at Ithaca College

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Fri May 21 10:28:07 EDT 2010

Nikki Henderson, Executive Director for the People's Grocery in Oakland,
California,  will explore connections between Food Justice and  
Sustainability on
Thursday May 27, at 7:30pm in the Clark Lounge (Campus Center) at Ithaca

The wider Ithaca Community is warmly invited to this free event!

The People's Grocery is a food-justice organization that has been using
education and direct distribution to encourage healthy eating in West  
since 2002.

Prior to joining People’s Grocery in 2009, Nikki worked with Green-for- 
founder Van Jones to develop national programs for people of color in  
environmental sector, and she has gained extensive exposure to the  
politics and
dynamics of national food and farming movements through work with the
President of Slow Food USA.

As expressed on the organization’s website, “[People’s Grocery] wants to
change the way the food system works. We believe everyone should have  
to healthy food, regardless of income. We call this ‘food justice’ –  
the belief that
healthy food is a human right. The food system is failing to provide  
people with the healthy foods they need to thrive. It is also failing  
to create
good jobs and support local food businesses in urban communities. So  
Grocery works toward creating a food system that centralize the needs  
of the
urban poor and develop programs and enterprises that produce and  
fresh foods, provide nutrition education, promote urban agriculture  
and create
local jobs."

For more information on The People's Grocery, visit 

Ms. Henderson is in Ithaca as a keynote presenter at The Finger Lakes  
Workshop, which aims to assist college-level faculty, staff, and  
students to
explore ways to integrate concepts of sustainability in education. The  
Finger Lakes Project Workshop will be held from May 26 to 28.
Visit IC’s FLP workshop website for more information:

A map of the Ithaca College campus and parking lots is available at

We hope to see you there!

For more information, contact Karryn Olson-Ramanujan at
kolsonramanujan at

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