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burns michael at
Thu May 13 00:32:03 EDT 2010

 From this point on all messages to the "fingerlakespermaculture" list  
should be posted to this email address:  <fingerlakespermaculture at 

Recently the <fingerlakespermaculture at> server went  
kaput. It was quickly resurrected as fingerlakespermaculture at 
. Now the account has been moved to:

Subscription management, including instructions to subscribe and  
unsubscribe can always be found at

You have been automatically subscribed to the new list on  
if you were subscribed to the Googlegroups list. However, you need to  
fingerlakespermaculture if you would prefer a daily digest of messages.

<fingerlakespermaculture at> serves those seeking  
information about permaculture design and related projects and events  
in New York and particularly for the beautiful, abundant Finger Lakes  
Region. Messages are also posted at http://FLXpermaculture.Net where  
additional resources, including RSS feeds and other permaculture lists  
can be found.

Thanks to Jon Bosak for finding our online community a place at 
  , a collaboration of the School of Information and Library Science  
and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University  
of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Thanks also to Lawrence London for  
his support.

If you know someone who may have been subscribed to this list before  
the mutualaid server crashed, please forward them this message.  
Likewise, please forward this message as an invitation to subscribe to  
anyone who may be interested in sustainable living, ecological design,  
and permaculture in New York's Finger Lakes Region.

Michael Burns

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