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Mon Jun 21 14:20:05 EDT 2010

From:    "Lisa Fernandes" <hibernia33 at>

Dear Permaculture Friends,

It is only days (7/2-7/4)until the start of our (Northeast US + Eastern
Canada) community's annual summer gathering, the Northeast Permaculture

Early registration pricing will be ending on June 24th – so this is your last
chance to register at the lowest prices! After that you'll pay a bit more.
This is, of course, an all-volunteer organized event and your early
registrations give us the best chance of putting on a great event for you!
Thank you so much for you help on that...

Here's the Convergence web site:

Leap-frog right to Registration Page:

In other Convergence News!


Don't forget to log into our rideshare board to look for or offer a ride!
There are several listings already for rides available and needed.


If you are a musician and can join in on our Saturday night contra dance band,
please contact our Caller, John McIntire at circleleft (at) or
phone (207) 568-7597. Also, bring along any other instruments for whatever we
might get up to at night...


If you are a Permaculture Designer and have a design to share, please bring a
copy of it along for the Saturday later afternoon Designers Lounge!

Wellness Practitioners

Join our Zone 00 area for a discount on your registration!

Open Space Action Planning

Talk about what you might want to address during our Sunday Open Space Action
Planning sessions.

Warmest Regards and Can't wait to see you in Unity!

Lisa (for the Convergence organizing team)


Top 10 Reasons (Among Many!) to Come to the 6th Annual Northeast Permaculture

1. More than 40 sessions covering everything from keyline design, perennial
polyculture design and coppicing through top bar beekeeping, ancient grains,
cob oven building and geomancy!

2. Delicious meals prepared by Local Sprouts Cooperative with fresh, local and
organic ingredients (and the stupendous help of Convergence volunteers, of

3. Dedicated YouthZone with activities for teens and little ones, too.

4. Morning yoga at 7:00 am each day and a Mandala-building starting on
Saturday morning.

5. The incredible drumming of Inanna: Sisters in Rhythm on Saturday night,
followed by a contra dance so you can boogie all that energy off.

6. Three field trip tracks to choose from including Teltane Farm, Newforest
Institute, Avena Botanicals, Humustacia Permaculture Gardens, Four Seasons
Farm, The Nearings' Homestead, and more.

7. An opportunity to meet, learn from and share ideas with the leading members
of the permaculture community in our region.

8. The Agorá barter/marketplace where you can lay out a blanket or table and
informally trade your wares! Bring on the jam, jewelry and jerusalem artichoke

9. Permaculture authors Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier, Jim Merkel and Scott
Kellogg, among others, will be on hand to help make it a great event.

10. Your Convergence ticket can be as low as $35 (including sessions, camping
and all meals) if you sign up for a couple of 2-hour volunteer shifts!

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
offers workshops, apprenticeships, and
permaculture design certificate classes.

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