Latest TCLocal article: Visioning County Food Production, Part Four

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Karl North's TCLocal series on Tompkins County food production
continues with Part Four, "Urban Agriculture."  This installment
envisions food production within the City of Ithaca as one of the
three agroecosystems upon which we will rely in a future of
declining energy inputs.  You can read the article at

Parts One through Three of the series can be found at

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Each month (approximately) TCLocal brings you another in our
series of articles addressing various aspects of energy descent in
Tompkins County.  Contributors to TCLocal are members of the
community committed to helping prepare for a future with less
available energy. Articles that have appeared so far in this
series can be found at They include:

    Funding and Finagling the Transition to Biomass Heat and Power
       by Krys Cail (April 2010)

    Visioning County Food Production, Part 3: Seeing County Food
    Production as an Integrated Whole
       by Karl North (February 2010)

    Heating with Biomass in Tompkins County
       by Krys Cail and Tony Nekut (January 2010)

    Health Care in an Energy-Constrained Environment, Part 2:
    Options for Re-evaluating Care Resources
       by Bethany Schroeder (November 2009)

    Burning Transitions: How Planned, Localized, Sustainable
    Non-food Biomass Utilization Can Help Ease Energy Descent and
    Mitigate Global Climate Change
       by Krys Cail (October 2009)

    Visioning County Food Production, Parts 1 and 2
       by Karl North (July and September 2009)

    Can New York State Feed Itself?
       by Jon Bosak (June 2009)

    Examining the Potential Local Foodshed of Tompkins County
       by Christian Peters (March 2009)

    Food Processing in Tompkins County
       by Persephone Doliner (February 2009)

    Wasting in the Energy Descent: An Outline for the Future
       by Tom Shelley (January 2009)

    Local and Urban Small Livestock and Poultry
       by Angelika St. Laurent (December 2008)

    Health Care in an Energy-Constrained Environment, Part 1
       by Bethany Schroeder (October 2008)

    Preparedness Basics
       by Katie Quinn-Jacobs (September 2008)

    Post-Peak Land Use Part 1: Ecocities and
    Post-Peak Land Use Part 2: The Country
       by Josh Dolan (July 2008)

    Water Treatment, Water Power
       by Jon Bosak (May 2008)

    Roads and Bridges in a Post-peak Tompkins County
       by Simon St. Laurent (March 2008)

    Fruits in a Post-Peak Tompkins County
       by Angelika St. Laurent (January 2008)

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