6/26/10: Awakening The Dreamer, Changing The Dream Symposium

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Thu Jun 10 09:08:30 EDT 2010

From: "Gay Nicholson" <gay at sustainabletompkins.org>

Awakening the Dreamer comes to Ithaca!

Sustainable Tompkins invites you to join us on Saturday, June 26, for the
celebrated Awakening the Dreamer symposium an inspiring experience created by
the Pachamama Alliance to help North Americans awaken to the reality of our
shared stewardship of a jewel of a planet, and a future where our intelligence
and love of life can be expressed through creative re-design of our economy,
our way of life, and our relationships.

Sometimes it seems like we are stuck in a nightmare.  We feel helpless as we
stand by and watch the Gulf ecosystem succumb to a poisoning driven by our
fossil fuel economy.  The planet is heating up and entire ecosystems, food
systems, and nations are at risk.  We see the juggernaut of gas drilling
approaching over our southern hills, and fear the destruction of our way of
life.  But what is that way of life?  Is it but a distorted dream itself? How
did we end up in this self-imposed trance of an endless growth economy that is
radically divorced from mutual relationship with the planet, its threatened
life systems, and even its people?  What would it mean to be truly awake on
planet Earth?

Awakening the Dreamer will be offered by a team of trained facilitators on
Saturday, June 26, from 10:00 am-4:00 pm in Room 226, Weill Hall, on the
Cornell campus.  Using vivid multimedia material and interactive episodes,
we'll explore a series of questions: Where are we?  How did we get here?
What's possible for the future?  Where do we go from here?

The aim of the symposium is to identify the assumptions underlying the way we
see the world and our place in it, and to empower every human being to take
steps--both individually and cooperatively--to move the world in a new
direction.  The Ithaca area already has strong sustainability and social
justice movements, which will grow in effectiveness as we connect with this
powerful global movement to reclaim our future.  Won't you join us?

Thanks to co-sponsorship by Sustainability at Ithaca College, and support from
Cornell's Energy and Sustainability Department, we are able to offer the
symposium for only $20 (scholarships are available, please email
gay at sustainabletompkins.org.  Lunch by Smart Monkey Cafe is included, and the
registration fee will be collected at the door.

Please rsvp today and save yourself a seat for this deeply affirming and
motivating event.  Seating is limited, so be sure to respond soon.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Warm regards,
Gay Nicholson

Parking on Cornell Campus

Parking in many areas, including Tower Rd and the parking garage on Hoy Road
and all metered lots is FREE all day Saturday. Be sure to read all signs when
entering a lot to be sure of the restrictions.

Directions to Weill Hall

Use Cornell's Interactive Map.
Enter Weill Hall in the search Box.
Weill Hall is located on Tower Rd., east of Garden Ave.

RSVP: http://sustainabletompkins.wufoo.com/forms/awakening-the-dreamer-rsvp-form

Please let us know if you are coming and if you have guests.

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