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Teaching Permaculture Creatively:
An Intensive Professional Permaculture Teacher Training Course
with Dave Jacke, Kay Cafasso, Chris Jackson, Kim Almeida and Trent Rhode
With an integrated 3-day course in Financial Permaculture!!!
September 16­27, 2010
The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee
Sponsored by The Financial Permaculture Institute and Gaia University

Permaculture Teacher Training:
Given that events make the best teachers, it follows that our role as
educators is to design learning events.  In this teacher training, we will
explore how to create events that teach permaculture, applying ecological
principles and processes to the design of permaculture workshops, courses,
and other experiences. 

Learn how to create effective learning environments based on quick
assessments of students and their learning modalities, eight intelligences,
and other niche characteristics.  Each student in this course will design
and run short classes and exercises, speak in public, plan and budget for an
event, and coteach a series of workshops during the integrated Financial
Permaculture Course.  What do whole learning systems look, feel and sound
like?  Come find out!  The best way to learn is to do, and to have fun doing
it!  Join us!  

To see what past course graduates are saying about this course, see the
attached Student Outcomes document.

Limited to 30 certified permaculture design course graduates; significant
pre-course preparation required.  NOTE: This course has a prerequisite. 
Applicants must have received a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

Financial Permaculture Course:
The Financial Permaculture Course provides an organized and supportive
container for permaculture designers, financial planners, business people,
and regular folks looking to build a financially viable life to work
together, share skills and information, and develop new models for creating
viable livelihoods that regenerate planet, people, and communities.  This
year the course will offer a focus on creating viable permaculture teaching
businesses, as well as permaculture workshops run by this year¹s Teaching
Permaculture Creatively trainees.  You don¹t need to be an expert in
permaculture, finance or business to benefit from integrating permaculture
principles with financial and business planning!

Course objectives:
* Participants experience and develop the complete suite of skills needed to
begin successfully teaching short permaculture workshops and other events on
their own. 
* Participants leave able to contribute significantly to teaching certified
permaculture courses under the mentorship of an experienced permaculture
* Participants experience taking the seat of the teacher multiple times
during the course in a variety of settings, both within the course and in a
public venue.  We all grasp the essence and significant details of what it
means to create effective learning environments and effective learning
* Participants come prepared to collaboratively co-create the teacher
training course and teach a one day public permaculture workshop (specific
requests for how to prepare will be laid out after acceptance into the
* Participants collaborate to create a community of learning teachers and
teaching learners: 
> * we cocreate a safe, supportive, fun, healthy, and whole learning
> environment; 
> * we support each other to take risks, share ourselves, grow deeply, move
> through edges and perceived restrictions, explore new ideas, and try new
> teaching styles and approaches;
> * we share and constructively evaluate each others¹ work;
> * we cooperatively develop shared resources for the larger permaculture
> teaching community.
* Participants clarify, articulate, and evolve their beliefs about what a
teacher is and what is their teaching philosophy. We all experience putting
that philosophy into practice consciously.  We all have the opportunity to
deprogram beliefs that inhibit our effectiveness as teachers and learners.
* We experience all of the above through learning events and experiences
that express, embody, and demonstrate the principles of permaculture design
in action. 
* We engage in co-creating the Financial Permaculture Course (FPC), sharing
our knowledge and experience, learning from and with others, and observing
and evaluating the FPC as a whole and each part of it individually.
* We have a total blast doing all of the above.
Course Fee:  
Course fees include tuition, room and board for both the Teacher Training
and the Financial Permaculture Course: sliding Scale $1,800 - $2,100; $1,700
if registered before June 30.  Some partial scholarships may be available;
please inquire. 

We are raising funds for scholarships to support folks who cannot afford
this course to attend.  If you would like to donate to this fund, please
contact Dave Jacke, 308 Main St. #2C, Greenfield, MA 01301, 603-831-1298,
davej at edibleforestgardens.com. We have also developed a Community Supported
Educators program to assist you to raise your own funds for the course.
Please contact Jennifer or Sheila at info at financialpermaculture.com or Dave
at davej at edibleforestgardens.com for an information packet on this program.

For More Information or to apply:
Visit: http://www.financialpermaculture.com
Or contact: Jennifer or Sheila at The Financial Permaculture Institute at
info at financialpermaculture.com  88-878-2434 ext. 2 or 913-796-1808

Dave Jacke
Dynamics Ecological Design
308 Main Street #2C, Greenfield, MA 01301
603-831-1298 € davej at edibleforestgardens.com

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