7th (and final) Natural Building Colloquium East at the Peaceweavers

E L Cobb elcobb54 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 16:15:26 EDT 2010

Has anyone on this listserv participated in this colloquium, or does 
anyone know someone who has?  It sounds like an amazing and fun 
experience, but do participants walk away with any hands-on experience?

I ask, because I've been thinking about volunteering for Habitats for 
Humanity, or the local equivalent (the name of which I've forgotten) as 
a means of not just helping but learning skills at the same time.  Comments?


Michael Burns wrote:
> This Summer's Natural Building Colloquium East http://peaceweavers.com/bws/,
> the seventh to be held in Upstate NY and the eighth to be held anywhere east
> of the Rockies, will be the last colloquium hosted by the Peaceweavers
> Community for the time being. The Peaceweavers have put on the event somewhat
> as community service for the last two years, due to not enough attendance to
> cover their costs, and will be putting their energy in other directions after
> this summer.
> If you have been thinking about attending someday, have friends or clients who
> are thinking about it, or have had a lovely time there in the past, this is
> the summer to sign up and support our friends who have been putting enormous
> amounts of energy into running these wonderful events.
> A prominent natural builder who has been to many events has said that given
> the choice between the Peaceweavers' colloquium and other colloquia, he'd go
> to the Peaceweavers'. Its strong suit is that it is about building with
> spirit, and heart and connection. Great for spending time with other people
> who care about the same things, great for kids. If you come just to learn the
> nuts and bolts of building, you're missing the point.
> The event runs from July 25-31 on a hilltop outside of Bath, NY. Look it up at
> www.peaceweavers.com
> Thanks!
> Sarah
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