Help needed to pull invasive plants on preserve near Ithaca June 12

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Thu Jun 3 12:48:24 EDT 2010

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Forwarded on behalf of naturalist Becca Harber; please share this message with

"Your Support is Welcomed and Needed to Pull Out Garlic Mustard and Dames
Rocket (non-native invasive plants) on Ithaca College's Beautiful Preserve and
Reserve lands southwest of Ithaca Saturday June 12. The pulling session will
be followed by a chance for pullers to walk in and enjoy the Robinson
Preserve, which otherwise is only open to visitors with permits from IC, as is
the Natural Resource Reserve.

The 77 acre Robinson Preserve
( consists of beautiful
mature woods with many native wildflowers and ferns along a stream (invaded by
mugwort and multiflora rose). In the adjoining Natural Resource Reserve, much
of which was logged by IC 3 years ago, garlic mustard is gradually spreading
up the stream and the hillside where the logging equipment travelled. Becca
Harber, who lives next door and is the Finger Lakes Land Trust steward of the
RP, will be the host, with permission from IC, which welcomes any help in
reducing invasive plants. Becca's been removing thousands of these non-natives
the last 3 years on her own volition, but can't keep up with her chosen areas
at this point, given how the logging spread GM into areas it hadn't been
before. The spread of garlic mustard and dames rocket results in the
destruction of native wildflower populations and a sort of monoculture of the
non-native colonists.

When: Saturday June 12, 10am to noon for plant pulling, noon to 2pm for
relaxing walk.

Where: Meet at Becca's, 149 Piper Rd at 10am.  From Ithaca, take Route 13
south and bear left on Routes 34/96 when they split off from 13 (after the Rt.
327 turn to Treman Park). From this split, go about 3 and 1/2 miles on 34/96
until you turn right onto Piper. (After various curves, the road straightens
for a gradual uphill before Piper with a sign warning there's a road coming up
on right.) On Piper, you'll immediately pass the auto repair place on right
and find yourself in a fork in the road that's not observable in advance. Bear
left regardless of what signs might indicate, and go a total of 7/10 mile from
34/96. Black mailbox on right says 149 with a driveway on left. Please park
along the road where there's plenty of room, which preserves the wild meadows
off the driveway and walk up to the front of the house.

What to bring: Drinking water and whatever you need for comfort and
well-being. Any big garbage bags you bring are appreciated for bagging the
plants and carrying them to a pile area. Then, you can take empty bags home if
you wish. You might encounter deer ticks, so take precautions. Becca
recommends long light-colored pants so ticks are more easily seen if any get
onto anyone."

Thanks from Becca,

Tony Ingraham

Owl Gorge Productions


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