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*Volunteers and Visitors Welcome at Goshala (Animal Haven) and 
Sustainable Farm in Southwestern NY
Activities at the farm include:
Hand milking two protected Jersey cows. Feeding and cleaning stalls for 
7 cows and 6 goats. Learning compassionate animal training and healing 
modalities. Making milk products, such as yogurt, butter, cheese and 
ghee in small batches. **Morning and evening Agnihotra (sacred fire 
thanksgiving ceremonies).** Installing and maintaining electric fences 
for paddocks in a pasture rotational grazing system. Planning, planting, 
weeding and harvesting in an organic vegetable (and strawberry) garden. 
Baking bread. Selling farm products at a farmers market stand. Playing 
with kittens. Putting together newsletters, and videos of the animals 
and farm activities. Also included are washing dishes, pots and milking 
equipment. Mowing lawns and/or managing the animals who mow our lawns. 
Greeting Guests to our Goshala, (farm animal haven).

Accommodations available in a solar guest house, (electric use is 
limited at this time). Expect adventures learning to live in a house run 
by an off grid solar electric system. Vegetarian meals only,  (we do 
cook with the milk from our cows who all receive lifetime protection, 
however we do not allow meat, fish or eggs). Family atmosphere. No drugs 
or alcohol use permitted on the property. **The farm is located in a 
very rural area, public transportation around the county is available, 
however, the bus stop is one mile away. *
Common Sense, Self Determination, Love of Animals and willingness to be 
ready to work by 6-7 am are of paramount importance. (Lots of free time 
during the heat of the day, work resumes again in the afternoon).  
Carpentry skills are a plus, but not necessary.  Expect to help with, 
(or live around), some light construction this spring and summer in the 
solar guest house, (ie drywall, painting etc...) References required.* *

Jason Laracuente
**whollycow at earthlink.net* <mailto:whollycow at earthlink.net>
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