7/28: Late Blight Advisory

Sandra Repp sjr37 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 29 09:18:38 EDT 2010

For Immediate Release: July 29, 2010
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County
(607) 272-2292

Late Blight Found in Upstate NY

         Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension has received a 
report that Late Blight has been found upstate for the first time 
this year, in a home garden in Norwich in Eastern NY.  Please note 
that, as of this time, Late Blight has NOT been found in Tompkins County!

         Gardeners here may wish to apply a protective fungicide 
spray to tomatoes and potatoes, according to Monika Roth, Agriculture 
Program Leader at CCE-Tompkins.  Protective sprays include copper 
(organic) or daconil (not organic).  When spraying, it is very 
important to get good coverage as an infection can begin any place a 
spore lands that is not protected.

         Home gardeners are advised to check tomato, potato and 
tomatillo plants weekly for symptoms of Late Blight.  According to 
Roth, Late Blight generally begins at the top the of the plant, not 
the bottom.  Leaf samples can be taken to CCE-Tompkins at 615 Willow 
Avenue in Ithaca for confirmation, but tomato leaves brought in by 
gardeners thus far have all been affected with Septoria Leaf Spot, 
not Late Blight, Roth says.

         To learn more about Late Blight:
    * Visit <http://nysipm.cornell.edu/publications/blight/>Cornell's 
NY State IPM website for Late Blight history, prevention, symptoms and more
    * See pages by Dr. Meg McGrath, Cornell Plant Pathologist, on 
"Late Blight on Tomato" at: 

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