Bringing Renewable Energy Home workshop Saturday in Branchport, NY

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Bringing Renewable Energy Home
Saturday.  August 28th, 2010 9:00 – 1:00 pm
Branchport Firehouse
For Immediate Release
July 28th, 2010
“Bringing Renewable Energy Home”
A Renewable Energy Workshop for Homeowners, Farms and Small Businesses

Contact: Megan Fenton

BRANCHPORT - The Town of Jerusalem Open Space and Renewable Energy  
Committee, in partnership with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of  
Yates County, is pleased to present “Bringing Renewable Energy Home”;  
a workshop designed to give homeowners, farmers and small business  
owners practical information regarding renewable energy systems and  
strategies to save energy.  The workshop will be held at the  
Branchport Firehouse on August 28th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p m., with  
plenty of refreshments provided.

Topics covered in the workshop will include current energy use  
assessments, low cost energy conservation strategies, solar thermal,  
geo thermal, solar electric and wind power.  We are excited to welcome  
Jeff Stevens, Alfred State College, who lectures on electrical theory,  
national electrical code, and photovoltaic design and installation.  
Additionally, Stevens has obtained his pre-certification as a  
photovoltaic installer, continues studies with associated National  
Electrical Codes and Photovoltaic installations, and is currently  
helping to build a green home laboratory at Alfred State’s School of  
Applied Technology campus.

There will also be presentations from several other renewable energy  
and conservation educators and experts.  In addition, a panel of  
homeowners will discuss their experiences installing and using  
renewable energy on a daily basis. The homeowner panel will field  
questions regarding implementing renewable energy. The event is open  
to the public and costs $10 per person to attend; space is limited so  
please preregister. Scholarships are available upon request. For more  
information or to register, please call the Cornell Cooperative  
Extension of Yates County at 315- 536 -5123. Cornell University  
Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment  
opportunities. CCE does not endorse or recommend any specific product  
or service.  This program is solely intended to educate consumers  
about their choices.

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