[Corpus-Paul] The Apostle to the Greek Israelites

Loren Rosson rossoiii at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 09:09:26 EST 2006

Steve Black writes:

>At least in Galatians, one of the significant
>ideas Paul is working with is the fulfillment
>of the promise to Abraham that he would become
>the father of all nations (ethne) - a promise
>that is in Paul's mind fulfilled within the
>Galatians themselves. Did Paul think this
>promise was actually just to lapsed Judaens
>of the diaspera? That would be pretty silly.
>No he OBVIOUSLY thinks this promise was to all the 
>nations (plural)- i.e. all the nations who are
>not Jewish. 

Malina/Pilch say:

"For Paul in this context the word 'ta ethne'
OBVIOUSLY meant all Israelites who believe as Abraham
did." (p 204)

[caps OBVIOUSLY mine in both places]

Well, Steve, I'm not finding myself persuaded by
Malina and Pilch about this business either, despite
how obvious the matter should be to everyone all
around. :)

Loren Rosson III
Nashua NH

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