[Corpus-Paul] Paul's Rhetoric in its Contexts: The Argument of Romans

Loren Rosson rossoiii at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 18:20:02 EDT 2005

Lee Dahn wrote:

> I am eagerly anticipating Tobin's book.  Does Tobin
> rely much on the work of Stanley Stowers?  I have
> been most convinced by Stowers' reading of Romans, a
> reading advocating the elements you have named as
> present in Tobin's reading: diatribe,
> speech-in-character, answers to objections to false
> conclusions, etc.

Yes, Tobin's work owes to Stowers on these points,
though he disagrees over details, such as the identity
of Paul's interlocutor at various points in the
letter. You'll love the book, I promise you.

Loren Rosson III
Nashua NH

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