[Corpus-Paul] Ecclesiology in the Pastorals & the DSS

David Inglis david at colonialcommerce.com
Tue Apr 8 17:44:02 EDT 2003

On Sat, 5 Apr 2003 David Hindley wrote:

>Back in the 70's, when I first started becoming aware of the DSS, it was
>thought that the complex organizational structure, including overseers and
>elders in leadership roles, provided a close analogy to the episkopoi and
>presbuteroi of the pastorals, but also just as clearly preceded any
>Christian organization formed in the mid first century CE. It does not seem
>to have made any impact at all in NT scholarship's overall estimation of
>pastorals as pseudepigraphic in nature.

An important point, IHMO.  If so, this would completely undermine the
argument that the Pastorals must be 2nd century because the ecclesiology
they describe didn't exist prior to that.  What is the current opinion on
this matter?

In any case, isn't the argument about ecclesiology in the Pastoral circular
to begin with, i.e.: The ecclesiology of the Pastorals didn't exist in the
1st century, therefore the Pastorals can't be 1st century.  It's always
seemed to me to be, at best, a very weak point regarding dating or
authorship of the Pastorals.

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