[Corpus-Paul] Did Trobisch mis-calculate how much of P46 is missing?

David ATTBI davidinglis2 at attbi.com
Wed Mar 12 20:20:53 EST 2003

In my research on P46 I keep coming up with the same two numbers:

P46 originally contained 104 leaves
The extant portion of P46 is 86 leaves.

If these numbers are correct, then (104 - 86) = 18 leaves (9 sheets of
papyrus) are missing.  So, why does Trobisch (Paul's Letter Collection, P16)
record that there are only 7 missing leaves?  Even if he really means 7
missing *sheets*, then he appears to have got the number wrong.  What is
happening here?

Is it possible that if you include the fragments containing portions of 1
Thes 5 then only 7 sheets are missing, but that if you exclude these
fragments then 9 sheets are 'missing'?  A related question: What are the
lowest and highest page numbers still distinguishable on P46, and what text
is on these pages?

Dave Inglis
davidinglis2 at attbi.com
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