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> >"O Timotheus, keep the entrusted deposit, avoiding profane, vain
> >and oppositions [ANTIQESEIS] of false-named knowledge [GNWSEWS]." (1
> >6:20, Darby)
> >
> >Marcion was known as a gnostic and wrote a book titled the Antitheses.
> >Where can I find the best refutation (or exposition) of the idea that
> >verse may be a reference to Marcion?
> >
> >Obviously, this is not a reference to Marcion if the letter were genuine
> >Paul, but what considerations can be brought to bear if pseudonymity is
> >ruled out?
> >
> >thanks,
> >Peter Kirby
> The only thing that occurs to me immediately is that it would involve
> a very late dating indeed for the Pastoral Epistles.

Other than the assumption of authenticity (and scholarly opinion), what
would indicate that the Pastorals were written before 140?

Peter Kirby

Early Christian Writings - 30 to 200

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