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Steve Black wrote:
>>How about the possibility that Paul simply didn't like the decrees, and
did not want to actively support them or spread them

Mark Nanos makes a good case for the decree as a principle underlying the
Epistle to the Romans in Mystery of Romans (I can't give you a reference
since I have lent my copy, but it is a well reasoned argument - and somewhat
central to the intent of the decree and of Romans - a little accommodation
of each other's scruples or weaknesses.) I also think an argument could be
made for the underlying thinking of the decree in 1 Corinthians as I think I
remember form John Hurd in his The Origin of 1 Corinthians - yes long
section on this beginning p 246 and a conclusion on p 261 that the 'previous
letter' contained a summary of regulations arising from the decree.)

I think the possibility that Paul conformed his priorities to his own likes
and dislikes is nearly zero.


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