Horsley's use of Draper

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Dave Hindley summarising Draper:
>>This community had demonized representatives of a position that they felt
was too anti-nomian, and ultimately expelled them from their community.
Draper suggests that one of these persons was Paul.<<

Paul is seldom seen as beloved (as in Acts where the elders of Ephesus fell
upon his neck and kissed him). It strikes me as very unlikely that
contemporaries of Paul would have demonized him or even Christianized him as
later interpreters have. He was not beyond criticism of course as none of us
is in our inherent character. But if he had been demonized by Antioch, how
would James and the Jerusalem church have accepted him in any respect as
they appear to have? There was considerable dispute over his message whether
from super-apostles or local Jewish communities (as Mark Nanos argues well
in his Irony of Galatians) and (Acts again) from some in Jerusalem who
thought he was advocating abandonment of Torah. But these disputes are more
likely to have been internal to Judaism.

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