Undisputed letters & Chronological order

John C. Hurd John.Hurd at Squam.org
Tue Mar 30 16:57:16 EST 1999

Peter Lang, publishers, have just produced a collection of my essays on
"The Earlier Letters of Paul"  (Oct., 1998), among which are the

"Concerning the Authenticity of 2 Thessalonians", pp. 135-162 (written
for the SBL Seminar on the Tehssalonian Correspondence in 1983 and not
previously published); and

"The Sequence of Paul's Letters", pp. 31-46 (originally published in the
Canadian Journal of Theology, 14 (1968), 189-200).

Long holds the copyright, so that I cannot circulate the texts, but
perhaps I could summarize the conclusions of the latter paper if Wes (or
others) were interested.
    Best wishes!          --         John Hurd

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