[Byte-of-Python] [Sneak Peek] A Byte of Python 3.0 in the works

Swaroop C H swaroopch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 22:05:40 EDT 2008

Hello all,

Here's a sneak peek into the book being updated for Python 3000:

This is NOT public information yet, so please don't spread this link as
the book is still being updated.

There are many new things here:

1. It's a wiki. Well, this isn't exactly new, I've tried this before but
I had to shut it down because of spamming. This time, I'm back with a

2. The wiki and book is under the CC BY-SA license. The NC clause is
removed. It was becoming a hurdle for translators as well as people who
wanted to use the book for genuinely good activities, so I decided it to
drop the clause.

3. You can edit the book in real time! If you see a mistake, whether it
is a spelling typo or an error in explanation, you can help by clicking
on the 'Edit' link in the left sidebar and correct it. If you have a
comment or doubt, then click on the 'Discussion' link in the left
sidebar and add your thoughts.

I am following all changes to the wiki, so I will eventually follow-up
on any changes by contributors such as yourselves.

Oh, and please do note the following legalese and community guidelines
before editing the wiki:

My goal is to finish updating the book when Python 3.0 is released.

Bouquets and brickbats welcome.


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