[Byte-of-Python] BoP now available as a wiki

Christoph Zwerschke cito at online.de
Tue Apr 4 03:39:24 EDT 2006

Dave Pawson wrote:
> Swaroop C H wrote:
>> The first wiki I tried was MoinMoin and I found installing it a PITA.
> Oh! The *only* wiki I built (moin moin + Apache 2) worked
> out of the box, following the instructions.
> Perhaps this is a case of YMMV?

Same for me with version 1.5.2. But indeed some things were not covered 
very well by the docs and/or they were hard to find. It might well be 
that you run into issues and the docs won't help you. But probably it 
was only a small thing, and I think basically MoinMoin is very simple. 
Maybe sometimes simpler than you would expect ;-)

-- Christoph

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