[Byte-of-Python] Choice of GUI toolkit in Python

Sridhar Ratna sridharinfinity at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 22:29:56 EST 2005

>   It actually boils down to one question - if you are going to write a
> complicated GUI in Python, which of these toolkits would you use?

Btw,I am biased to PyGTK ;)

My critique about Wx is it's buggy (dunno about 2.5) and it is an
unnecessary extra layer over another cross-platform toolkit (gtk). 
That's wxWidgets, and wxPython is another layer over it :)

Windows people cry about the look of PyGTK apps in Windows.  They must use this
I heard that getting gtk+ with threads to work on Windows is quite troublesome.

Also IMO, the api of Gtk+ is very simple.  There are free tools to
help you in glade development like Glade, ...
The best place to download gtk+,glade,.. libraries (which PyGTK
depends on) for Windows is http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/

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