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typicalgirls - [TypicalGirls] Fwd: More releases from Kleenex/LiLiPUT

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Subject: Typical Girls: Women in Punk/Post-Punk/Underground Music (Circa 1975-1980s)

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Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovies [CD/DVD]
(Kill Rock Stars)
Release date: March 23, 2010

If you've watched any live YouTube footage of 
Kleenex/Liliput then you know how amazing they were as a live band. If not you're in luck as this CD/DVD set is a testament to their greatness. The CD features two full live sets: Kleenex live in Biel in 1979 and Liliput live in Zurich in 1983, and they include some never before released songs. This is the sound of a world-class band in their prime. The DVD includes the much rumored about document of their European tour in 1982, Roadmovie, as well as live performances of the band on Swiss TV.  

DVD contents

Roadmovie by LiLiPUT 
Kleenex TV-Clips: 
Hediʼs Head 
LiLiPUT TV-Clips: 
Die Matrosen 

Live CD Track list

KLEENEX - Biel 1979 

1. Geierwally 
2. Pink Hit 
3. Ainʼt You 
4. Beri-Beri 
5. 1978 
6. Madness 
7. Lust 
8. Nice 
9. Ü 
10. Hediʼs Head 
LiLiPUT - Zürich 1983 

11. In A Mess 
12. Do You Mind My Dream 
13. Terrified 
14. Might Is Right 
15. Étoile 
16. Boatsong 
17. Take A Taste Of My Mind 
18. The Jatz 
19. Like Or Lump It 
20. His Head All Red 
21. Yours Is Mine 
22. Tschik-Mo 
23. You Did It 
24. Where Do You Find The Time  

Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovie contains previously unreleased tracks (Geierwally, Pink Hit, Where Do You Find the Time) and previously unreleased video footage including television studio quality sound and video, and a super-8 film created during Liliput tour, 1982. 

Also, on May 18, 2010Kill Rock Stars will be re-releasing Liliput as a four LP setKRS originally released the record as a double CD back in 2001. 

Kleenex/LiLiPUT’s Liliput album (Kill Rock Stars, 2001) was ranked #26 in SPIN’s “50 Most Essential Punk Records” 
"Liliput celebrate the right that rock gives to say anything, expressing their keen, not-humorless intellects through voices and music alike.Their influence can be heard throughout the riot-grrl Diaspora of modern times, but Liliput managed one crucial difference: they made radical social and aesthetic re-engineering sound like the greatest party you've ever been to in your life."

Liliput's alternate vision of pop is inspiring, entrancing, and therefore utterly essential..." 

"...Eerie and delightful. Erudite and infantile. Nearly unknown, without an ounce of self-pity." 

"They convey both raw power and a sense of absolute creative freedom with every track, whether itʼs a bouncy more pop-ish number or an angular piece of post-punk. Theyʼre easy to fit within categories of both punk rock and feminism, yet they play with such a carefree, wild attitude that itʼs hard to imagine them pausing to intellectualize or categorize what they do."

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