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typicalgirls - Re: [TypicalGirls] OT: the b-word in music

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Subject: Typical Girls: Women in Punk/Post-Punk/Underground Music (Circa 1975-1980s)

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  • Subject: Re: [TypicalGirls] OT: the b-word in music
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16 Bitch Pile Up are great! I'm so glad to see someone mention them.

There's also Kevin Blechdom - Bitches Without Britches album, Bitches Brew, Miles Davis, and Baby Talkin Bitches by Devo.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 2:26 AM, Michael Howes <mhowes AT> wrote:

> i know i will be taken to task for this but the early 80s heavy metal
> band, bitch were pretty great. damnation alley and be my slave were
> awesome records and the whole leather sex kitten vibe was singer betsy
> bitch's idea.
 I loved Bitch and got the chance to see them live back in the mid to
late 80s.
 They were one of my favorites that my metalhead friends made fun of me
for liking, which included Lita Ford and Warlock. (of course this also
included "underground" metal bands at the time like Slayer, Venom, and
Merciful Fate)...don't want to stray too far from Judas Priest ya know.

 It was cooler to like Motley Crue and Ratt (in all their lipstick and
leggings glory) than like a metal band with a tough woman and in Lita
Ford's case, one playing lead guitar as well as writing and singing.

 I haven't listened to "Be My Slave" by Bitch in 20 years. Wonder what
I'd think of it now

 and another note, Bitch I think was one of the main bands mentioned in
the PMRC "hearings". And often confounded both the xtains and feminists.
I just now did a google search and even see that this is mentioned on
Bitch's all music guide profile.
 "Bitch's main attraction was lead singer Betsy Bitch, who portrayed a
dominatrix from hell and sang about the pleasures of whips, chains,
handcuffs, gags, and other toys. The whole thing was very humorous and
tongue-in-cheek, but critics of the controversial band (which ranged
from liberal feminists on the left to Christian fundamentalists on the
right) failed to see the humor of titles like "Live for the Whip" and
"Be My Slave."

 humor huh? I know when I saw Warlock (what is with her vibrato? it
kills me every time) and Bitch in the 80s I did not find anything
humorous. Maybe they were joking/playing but as a 100% metalhead teen I
was a bit scared but more in awe. Warlock (it might have been Dora solo)
opened up for Megadeth and Sanctuary and after seeing her rock out
harder than I had ever seen a women rock Dave's sneer seemed silly. All
this might sound silly and just one teen boys sheltered experience but
it wasn't soon after I saw Fireparty (maybe even the same year) and
together they opened my eyes.

 damn it, now I have a Lita Ford song in my head

 and to stay more on topic of the use of the b-word
Bitch Magnet
Missy E's "She's a Bitch"
great bay area female noise project, "16 Bitch Pileup"
were the first things that came to mind...well after 7 Year Bitch


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