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stayfree - Stay F---! | December 6

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  • Subject: Stay F---! | December 6
  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 19:56:31 -0500


Free for download:
Irwin Chusid - "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" (lo-fi mp3)

I've added an mp3 of one of the songs on The Best & Worst of Xmas, our mix CD -- a crowd-pleasing (and terribly funny) recording by WFMU dj and bon vivant Irwin Chusid. Music geeks know Mr. Chusid as the man to credit (or blame) with helping revive interest in lounge music and popularizing audio's "outsider artists" (though he might kill me for saying so):


"PR Machine: Robot Marketer Robert Doornick uses hi-tech wizardry to warm consumers to his Fortune 500 clients"
by John Aboud

Should you ever need a spectacle sure to stop trade-show attendees in their tracks, Robert Doornick is your man. As the president of International Robotics, Inc. (IRI), Doornick provides an array of high-priced high-tech marketing solutions to corporate clients. Among the showstoppers advertised on IRI's web site are computer-controlled "dancing" banners, holographic signs, and music-playing water sculptures. But IRI's key product, and Doornick's passion, is a line of interactive robots. Several models resemble gleaming "spacemen" like the kind you'd see roaming alien landscapes on a 1950s lunchbox. Others appear to be close cousins of C-3P0. And Doornick recently created a massive animatronic killer whale for an aquarium in Japan. We spoke to Doornick about his new-fangled pitchmen and the old-fashioned sales techniques that guide their design.

continued at:


"Popsong Piracy, or, Napster in the 1930s"

In April 1930, in a raid on bootleg song-sheet peddlers on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd, Traffic Patrolman Broger made the first arrest: Mrs. Sarah Yagoda, age 80. After a Music Publishers Protective Association representative and the district attorney interrogated Mrs. Yagoda in a failed attempt to identify the sheet's printer and distributors, she was allowed to go home. Nine years later, nothing much had changed in Times Square. The New York Times noted that "on any afternoon or evening, if the magistrate sitting in West Side Court is known to be lenient, the area north of Forty-second Street is a beehive for the street sale of song sheets," as well as watches, French pictures, neckties, jewelry, flowers, and suspenders.

continued at:



If you hate when websites require you to register just read a short article, you'll love this site. allows users to bypass compulsory web registration by providing functioning logins and passwords for over 40,000 sites:



Wed. Dec. 8: Wal-Mart expert Liza Featherstone, who I interviewed in the current Stay F---!, will be speaking about her new book, _Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle For Workers' Rights At Wal-Mart_. I'll probably be there selling Stay F---! back issues so be sure to say hi if you come by.

Info: Brecht Forum
122 West 27th Street, NYC
Suggested donation: $6/$10/$15
7:30 PM

  • Stay F---! | December 6, Carrie McLaren, 12/06/2004

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