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stayfree - Stay Free! | 30 October

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  • Subject: Stay Free! | 30 October
  • Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:29:55 -0400

The STAY FREE! website is still on vacation... meanwhile, elsewhere:

"The New Politics of Consumption"

You might have seen this in bookstores as _Do American's Shop Too Much?_
It's a short essay by Juliet Schor (more or less summarizing her highly
touted _The Overspent American_), followed by critiques by James Twitchell,
Robert Frank, and others. Schor seems bent on outlawing competitive
consumption, and while I agree with her on many counts, the emphasis on
consumption over commercialization strikes me as misplaced... plus her
solutions can be a bit wacky. (A tax on luxury goods?)... some of the
arguments here are fancier than they need to be. there are really only two
problems with consumption -- one, consuming and selling increasingly
dominate EVERYTHING, from schooling to healthcare (particularly in
America). So it's not a problem of consuming itself so much as one of
degree--and a lack of viable alternatives. And, two: the price of consuming
goods should reflect their environmental and social costs. i.e. it's more
expensive to buy recycled items and it should be other way around.

"The world's largest searchable database of classic print ads," searchable
by keyword, category (automotive, electronic, fashion, etc.), and decade
(1940s to current). And don't forget Duke University's "Ad Access."


It has nothing to do with advertising or media but I am starting
MONKEYWIRE, a new email list devoted to news about monkey and apes (for all
primates). culls choice articles from traditional news
services and emails them to subscribers a couple of times a week...sort of
like an AP wire for simians. The list is low-traffic, usually 0-3 news
items per week. To signup, see:


Stay Free! P.O. Box 306 Prince St. Station NYC 10012

  • Stay Free! | 30 October, Carrie McLaren, 10/30/2000

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