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sm-discuss - [SM-Discuss] Announcing stable grimoire 0.61-13 release

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  • From: Vlad Glagolev <stealth AT>
  • To: Source Mage Discussion <sm-discuss AT>
  • Cc: sm-announce AT
  • Subject: [SM-Discuss] Announcing stable grimoire 0.61-13 release
  • Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 17:12:59 +0400

Stable grimoire version 0.61-13 has been released!

This is mostly a security update for 0.61 stable branch.

The tarballs have been signed and uploaded to our server and will be
propogating out to the mirrors within six hours.

To download the grimoire manually, get or specifically .

GPG signatures are available at or .

Following updates were integrated[0]:

Andra┼ż Levstik (1):
scribus4: removed oddly encoded unicode stuff (cherry picked from
commit 92ea033f2d9c20ad493570719f31a881704bd28b)

Florian Franzmann (1):
chat-im/centerim: add patch to fix compile error (cherry picked
from commit 90351fe9e4b9c7f082f946d3e2e1a346ae455ca4)

Ladislav Hagara (2):
libjpeg-turbo 1.2.1 (cherry picked from commit
linux 3.6.6 (cherry picked from commit

Robin Cook (1):
libproxy: added depends and build options (cherry picked from
commit 6af3a2bb6666d473a13afbd6e87c34647c6676b0)

Sukneet Basuta (1):
libproxy: fix compilation with gcc 4.7 compilation with gcc 4.6
still works unistd.patch: added, from fedora. Add unistd.h to files that
need it PRE_BUILD: added (cherry picked from commit bb78533374d8108c

Treeve Jelbert (1):
libproxy: => 0.4.10 (cherry picked from commit

Vlad Glagolev (16):
seamonkey: fixed segfault for corei7-avx archspecs (cherry picked
from commit 1b187c2fb8345915a1ebd57ac828449ef8f84679)
libjpeg-turbo: added support for yasm selection (cherry picked from
commit 2d2bce15bcb502bfa5526515c97108bd2a5e33e9)
unico: fixed crashing on newer GTK+3 (cherry picked from commit
linux: => 3.4.18 (lts) (cherry picked from commit
linux: => 3.0.51 (lts) (cherry picked from commit
optipng: => 0.7.4 (security) (cherry picked from commit
ruby-1.9: => 1.9.3-p327 (security) (cherry picked from commit
libproxy: security update (cherry picked from commit
linux: => 3.2.34 (lts) (cherry picked from commit
roundup: => 1.4.20 (security) (cherry picked from commit
tiff: fixed CVE-2012-4564 (security) (cherry picked from commit
xen: security update (cherry picked from commit
exim: => 4.80.1 (security) (cherry picked from commit
mailx: added missing openssl dependency (cherry picked from commit
mailx: fixed multijob build (cherry picked from commit
VERSION: 0.61-13

[0] Generated: 'git shortlog --no-merges stable-0.61-12..stable-0.61-13'

Dont wait to die to find paradise...
Vlad "Stealth" Glagolev

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  • [SM-Discuss] Announcing stable grimoire 0.61-13 release, Vlad Glagolev, 11/17/2012

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