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sm-discuss - [SM-Discuss] Using sorcery on a non-SourceMage system.

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  • From: Edouard KLEIN <linschn AT>
  • To: sm-discuss AT
  • Subject: [SM-Discuss] Using sorcery on a non-SourceMage system.
  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 14:26:38 +0200

Hi !

I am developing software for the lab in which I am in an internship.
In order to make this software available to both the lab members and
the rest of the world, I need a way to automate the download and the
compilation of my source code and of some of the dependencies.

For licensing reason, I can not distribute my software in binary form.
For practical reasons, I do not want to do so.

I stumbled on sorcery a while ago (that's when I submitted some bugs
and patches and bothered people on #sorcery), and I choose it as my
way to redistribute my software. I used it internally in the lab. It
works as intended (i.e. well).

As for now, the only differences between the code I use internally and
the current sorcery-devel lie in the few patches I submitted via the

I intend, in the future, to make some modifications so that sorcery
will be aware of the system's main package manager and will be able to
run on MacOSX as well. I can not, however, promise that I will
actually do such things, or give a timeline.

I don't think these modification or the patches I proposed interest
you, and I perfectly understand it. My modification are not needed by
the SourceMage project, and my bash coding skills and the knowledge of
sorcery's code base are not good enough so that patches I propose are
the good fix for the tiny problems I point out.

However, I would like to make my modification available to the public.
I perfectly understand that I have the right to do so, but I would
like to do it in a way that does not create anger anywhere.

I plan on doing the following :
Make my modifications available on the network under the name
"sorcellerie" (french for sorcery), acknowledge that 99.99% of the
code comes from you but state that my project is not endorsed nor
supported by SourceMage.

If I find any bugs, I'll tell you, but I think that after a while I
will be stuck with what has become a derivative of an old version of
sorcery, and these bugs won't be relevant to sorcery anymore.

Are you OK with me doing that ?
Do you have any suggections, comments ?
Do you want me to do things differently ?



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