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percy-l - Re: [percy-l] Percy-L Digest, Vol 58, Issue 9

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Subject: Percy-L: Literary, Religious, Scientific, and Philosophical Discussion of Walker Percy

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  • From: Wade Riddick <wriddick AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [percy-l] Percy-L Digest, Vol 58, Issue 9
  • Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 02:03:15 -0600

>What about the Inquisition?

1. Bush has relied on torture to extract "information" from terror
"suspects" (this is from where the laughably phony connection between
Hussein and Al Queda comes).

2. Bush covets the power to eavesdrop on everyone's conversations without
a warrant (expecting to hear confessions, perhaps?).

3. Bush has an ideological rigidity/born-again certainty/willful
ignorance/autistic negligence that leads him to stumble through life like
Don Quixote on meth.

Does this ring any bells with Inquisition scholars?

I suppose Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" also applies, as it often does
during outbursts of America's paranoid style of politics...

I talked to Percy about politics and watched him try to get involved with
the higher education system here. He was a nice guy with someo profound
spiritual insights on modernity but he was a bit naive about how things
really worked in the secular world and what it would take to change them.

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