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percy-l - Re: Some Random Thoughts, Largely Unrelated, Based on Previous Discussions and Readings

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Subject: Percy-L: Literary, Religious, Scientific, and Philosophical Discussion on Walker Percy

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  • From: Wade Riddick <wriddick AT>
  • To: Walker Percy List <percy-l AT>
  • Subject: Re: Some Random Thoughts, Largely Unrelated, Based on Previous Discussions and Readings
  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:06:26 -0500

It appears my old university address was killed sometime this summer, which
is OK because I haven't been in very good shape until recently. I just
assumed nobody had anything to say since the list had been dark for a
while. I tried checking the hypermail archive to see what I missed but it
seems to have a blank spot between Sept '01 and Sept '02.

Here's the message I sent last week which clued me into my subscription


Well, the list appears to have gone dark, which isn't surprising what with
the increasing corporate ownership of media and all. I guess rumors of
Sylvester Stallone being cast as Binx in an action-packed adaptation of
_The Moviegoer_ set in Kabul under the Taliban haven't piqued any interest.

I've been pretty sick lately and continue to suffer the slings and arrows
of lipid peroxidization, but I've finally cobbled together a treatment
which offers light at the end of this tunnel despite the best efforts of
the American Dental Association to wallow in ignorance about TMJ and
mercury. As a result, I'm finally organized enough to reply to the last
post on the list about cognition and language.

The July 6th _Economist_ has a review of a book called _The Man Who Lost
His Language_ by Sheila Hale, about the effects of strokes and aphasia on
how the brain organizes language.

Last week, the NYT had a story on self-esteem and criminal behavior. It
appears psychologists are finally getting good evidence for selfishness
motivating bad behavior and self-esteem being pretty much useless as an
analytic category. Maybe this insight will eventually trickle down to the
nation's financial regulators and lawmakers. ("It's OK that the numbers
didn't add up for the 3rd quarter - but do you FEEL good about them?")

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